Health, Safety and Environment

Health, Safety & Environment

Risk management is vital in protecting the sustainability of business operations. Lean Synergy is a leader in process safety engineering consulting for manufacturing operations and technical consultancy services provider in the production, handling, storage and disposal of hazardous substances in industrial operations.

The major objective of process safety management (PSM) is to reduce risk and improve loss prevention to an operating business. An effective PSM program requires a systematic approach to identifying, evaluating and managing process hazards. Organizations must mitigate against these risks to protect stakeholders and safeguard the reputation of the business.

Scope of Services

1. Safety and Risk

Fire and explosion risk analysis and modelling

Quantitative Risk Analysis

Safety Workshops

SIL Verification and systems design

Fire and gas detection modelling

Safety Critical elements and performance standards

Safety philosophies and safety cases


Hazardous Area Classification study

2. Designing Safety and Health Management Systems

Development of OHSAS 18001

Development of ISO 14001

Safety & Health Inspections, Audits & Self-Assessments

Safety Program, Policy Development & Implementation

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